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Do You Feel Like Your Life Needs Direction?

You are the only person in your entire life who truly knows what you need, but sometimes bringing those needs to the surface of your consciousness is a difficult task.

Each of us has plenty of distractions and thoughts running through our minds all day, which doesn’t allow much time for reflection on what’s really important to us. When we don’t take that time to step back and consider whether the direction we’re going in is one that feels meaningful, we can easily fall into habits that make us feel trapped, weary, and negative.

We’re wired to focus on negativity because that’s how we’ve evolved to avoid danger - but when that danger exists solely in our mind, it can hold us back from accomplishing great things. Throughout this resource, it’s my goal to help you sort through your thoughts and make sense of your fears while helping you find strategies for overcoming them.

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Meet Leslie Harrington, Author Of This Newsletter

"I’m a Certified Health Coach (CHC), Amen Clinic Brain Health Professional, Master Yoga Trainer, Personal Fitness Trainer, Yoga Therapist and complete wellness junkie on a mission to change the world by helping people create healthier, happier and more balanced lives...every single day!"

My philosophy is that with patience, motivation, inspiration, guidance and accountability we can begin to shift our habits, change our thoughts and create daily routines that will restore our body's ability to heal and allow it to work for us rather than against us. The sky’s the limit when we feel fantastic, look our best, act our finest, think positively and live with a sense of purpose and a skip in our step! Whether you're stuck in a rut of corporate stress, longing to regain a strong and healthy body or simply struggling to find ways to balance the demands of life while staying healthy and happy, I'm here to guide you to the best version of YOU!

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Leslie Harrington

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